Approval from the Upper Neckar Leader Funding Programme

for an extension to the museum and a further extension to the warehouse (tech area) to fund 30% of the construction costs.

The museum extension consists of 3 rooms:

  1. A staff room.
  2. Office space inc. PC + peripheral computer facilities.
  3. Expansion of the exhibition space to include a “model workshop”. Additional seated workspace for stone processing and equipment for jewellery making to facilitate repairs for customers on site, among other activities. Visitors can watch while stones are worked and jewellery is made.

The tech area next to the warehouse features a greened roof and provides space to store equipment, machines, appliances and vehicles, as well as for maintenance on the tech equipment. Here, an additional workspace is created where exhibition equipment can also be prepped, packed and loaded or items prepared for shipping, among other activities. This is where new exhibits will be unpacked and readied for exhibition in our close collaboration with other museums.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe is investing in rural areas here”

Further information on LEADER can be found on the website of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection.

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