General information about tours

We offer museum tours to group bookings or groups of at least 10 individuals. Tours must always be booked in advance. Groups of 10 to 50 visitors are accepted.

For groups of over 50, there is no practical way to carry out the tour. The group will need to be split, meaning the second half of the group will have to wait for an hour to begin the tour. If you wish to book a specific date, please place your booking as early as possible. It may be possible to take a tour last minute in the event of a cancellation, for example.

In individual cases, we reserve the right to include further small groups or individual visitors in a tour booked for an existing small group. The total tour size will not be allowed to exceed 50 visitors. Tours welcome questions about particular exhibits or topics at any time during or after the tour. You should plan a total of approx. 2 hours to visit the museum, take a tour, see the film and visit the shop.

Bespoke tours

We offer adapted tours for children’s, school and youth groups as well as groups of people with reduced mental capabilities. These tours may use fewer specialist or foreign-language terms or they may be shortened.

Tour length

Our tours last approx. 1 hour and cover only the lower part of the museum. This is the maximum attention span of most people and it would take too long to cover more of the museum. Immediately after the tour, we show a 20 min. documentary (filmed by Alexander Müller during his visits to Brazil). The film shows underground quartz and amethyst mining in the states of Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul. Visitors can view our gallery (top floor) independently after the tour and film. Allow at least 20 minutes to visit the gallery and take a closer look at certain exhibits after the tour.

Tour prices

Tours cost € 3.00 per person in addition to the entrance fee (for both children and adults).
There is no fee for cancelled tours (including late-notice cancellations).

Audio guide

You can use our new audio guide system to take a tour at any time without pre-booking.
Personalise your journey through the World of Crystals with fascinating information on 7 areas of the museum.
This type of tour suits many visitors, including children and school groups.

It lasts approx. 40 min.
The audio guide players cost € 3.00 per person (group prices available on request)