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to our mineral and fossil museum:
World of Crystals in Dietlingen

After almost 2 years of planning and construction, the World of Crystals museum opened in March 2011.

Visit our intriguing and architecturally unusual museum and exhibition space to wonder at what may well be the world’s largest amethyst vein as well as a 100 million-year old volcanic cavern measuring over 4m high and encrusted with amethyst crystals. Marvel at a 220 million-year old fossilised forest complete with the original trunks from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, not to mention our range of unique fossilised dinosaur skeletons and other large fossils, plus our incredible giant crystals from all over the world, some weighing over 3,000kg!

Visitors can also watch a documentary made by Alexander Müller on his many journeys around the crystal-rich areas of southern Brazil and learn all kinds of things about the area and its people, the mines and how they work, as well as how minerals and crystals are processed.

It’s what we are all about: discover the wonders of nature, explore the past, experience history, make memories. You will see natural wonders from all over the world and some are even available to purchase in the museum shop.

Come and choose from our wide range of high-quality and eye-catching jewellery made using precious stones. The shop covers approx. 100m² and is attached to the museum itself.

In addition to jewellery, it stocks a diverse range of carefully selected crystals, minerals and fossils, as well as animal figurines carved from precious stones.

Plus an extensive collection of books and crystals for crystal healing using Gienger’s methods, not to mention stone gifts large and small and larger home accessories like crystal lamps (made from agate, quartz, salt crystals and others), fountains featuring precious stones and coffee tables made from petrified wood and amethyst.

We look forward to welcoming you!