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The Rose of Irai

In the museum gallery, guests can press a button to open a two-part amethyst weighing 180 kg and play music. The exhibit is mysteriously lit to give visitors a sense of how it feels to a prospector when they first open a newly discovered amethyst vein.

Open a crystal/vein

Visitors can buy closed crystals in the shop or bring them from home and get them opened, or cracked like a nut, in the museum.

Attractions close to Dietingen:

> Wildlife reserve with forest experience trail

The museum is right next to a wildlife reserve with forest experience trail and barbecue area and beautiful hiking trials in the woods. The reserve can be easily accessed from all major roads (B27, B14 and A81) within 3 km from Rottweil. Coming from Rottweil, the building is on the right-hand side just as you enter Dietingen proper. There is plenty of free parking for cars and buses.

> Tower and Crystals Camper Van Park

Visitors travelling from a longer distance may wish to make use of the excellent camper van pitches at Tower and Crystals Camper Van Park right next to the museum.

> Dotternhausen Fossil Museum

Dotternhausen is just 15 km away and features a great fossil museum with a digging area where visitors can collect their own fossils from the slate.

> Wolfach Mineral Museum

Wolfach is just 45 km away, with its mineral museum displaying only minerals found in the Black Forest, including a “mineral stockpile”. For the price of entry, visitors can look for minerals in the “Clara Pit”.

Both of these attractions are suitable for children.

> Rottweil Dominican Museum

A visit to the World of Crystals museum pairs perfectly with a visit to Rottweil, the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg. One attraction to visit here is the newly refurbished Catholic Dominican Museum. Or enjoy a relaxed end to your day at Aquasol Pool in Rottweil.

> Aquasol Rottweil